Targeting 'bad' apps on Facebook platform

Wired reports that the Facebook team is taking steps to ensure that the F8 platform is secured from being a source of spam.

A quote from the blog of Dave Morin at Facebook developer site:

"Deceptive and misleading notifications will continue to be a focus for us, and we will continue to block applications which behave badly and we will continue to iterate on our automated spam detection tools. You will also see us working on ways to automatically block deceptive notifications."

Changes made to the F8 platform include:

  • Removal of feature to hide data from profile owners.
  • Removal of email functionality, though the team hopes to introduces a more safer version later.
  • A refined UI interface for inviting friends.

Functionality and security

Facebook, by the introduction of the F8 platform, has taken the concept of social networking to a higher level. Using the "community" power of third-party developers to drive publicity is a good concept -- but at the same time, there is always the question of the platform getting misused for negative activities. Removal of features (such as the option to send e-mail notifications) may add to security but would not add value to the product. Can Facebook retain value and add functionality while ensuring security on the platform at the same time?