The advent of wireless power

A team of researchers from MIT has demonstrated a future in which true wireless power can be a reality when they recently lit a 60-watt light bulb from an unconnected source about seven feet away.

Dubbed WiTricity, (Can someone please give the PR folks a call to figure out a better name?) the research was published in Science Express, an online publication of the prestigious journal, Science.

By utilizing a pair of magnetically coupled resonators, it is possible to emit a non-radiative magnetic field that is oscillating in the megahertz range. The receiver coil , which is tuned to resonate with this field, receives the transmission. This arrangement means that very little power not picked up by the receiver is wasted or radiated uselessly off.

According to the researchers, power levels sufficient to run a laptop can be efficiently transmitted across a room even without direct line-of-sight.

Still, it could be many years before we see such a technology on the market.

But just imagine for a moment when such a technology is finally ready for market release. How do you think it would change the way you perform your daily work in particular, and with the IT landscape in general?

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