The cost of BlackBerry envy

I recently came across the blog of Alasdair Ford, a UK-based IT consultant. In it, he recounted his experience pertaining to something a lot of us are probably familiar with, but which normally does not get much airing – BlackBerry envy.

According to Alasdair:

I’ve been discussing a problem one of my customers has this afternoon … One of his senior managers, fresh back from a conference with other senior managers from other companies has had his ear bent all week about how great the Blackberry 8800 is and he NEEEEEDS one, in best 3 year old tradition he NEEEEEDS one and nothing else will do.

To cut short the story, based on the existing infrastructure investments, a Windows Mobile device would be a logical choice if push mail is desired. In fact, there are already several existing users of Windows Mobile. Unfortunately, the senior manager only wanted a BlackBerry and nothing else.

Hence, the bill:

Blackberry 8800 Pearl = £319.11

Server Hardware etc : £1,200.00

Blackberry Enterprise Server Version 4.0 for exchange = £2,500.00

Installation: £750.00

Additional Firewall Configuration: £750.00

Grand Total: £5,519.11

Before you press the “flame” button, I must comment that I do personally think that some of the pricing on the bill might be a tad on the high side. However, what I am trying to draw attention to here is the additional cost of getting a BlackBerry versus just getting a Windows Mobile device for this particular customer.

Has the “BlackBerry envy” syndrome ever manifested at your workplace? Looking at the bigger picture, have you ever encountered technology envy in which your CEO or senior management insists on implementing technology that is of dubious value?

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