Top RPG player kidnapped and tortured for password

The Inquirer reports that an armed gang of four kidnapped one of the top RPG gamers in the world and psychologically tortured him for almost five hours. The purpose of this exercise - to get him to divulge the login password for his account.

The game in question is called GunBound, and according to Gizmodo:

... the captive is the world leader in GunBound, a turn-based RPG-style multiplayer online game. Developed in South Korea, in this artillery game you get more experience points, offensive and defensive capabilities depending on your skills during battle, as well as money to buy more weapons, armor and all kinds of gear for your multiple avatars.

You can only play with one of your avatars each time, but all of them belong to a single account.

Like a plot straight out of a B-grade movie of yesteryear, the gang used one of their girlfriends as a honey trap to entice the victim to meet up for a date using Orkut, Google's social network. The girl never turned up, but her boyfriend, Igor, certainly did.

After sequestering him in Sao Paulo, they held a gun against the victim's head for five hours to get his password, which they wanted to sell for $8,000. The plan was to relay the password to their mates, using a cell phone to hijack and presumably sell off the account before the victim could do anything about it.

Surprisingly, the guy didn't utter a single word. Eventually the crooks gave up and released him. The suspects have since been caught by the Brazilian police, aged 19 to 27. There you have it, folks - technology, girls, and violence, and your ex-girlfriend thought computers were boring?

Against a backdrop of questions about whether this chap is really a hero, heartbroken into dumbness, or just plain stupid, I can't help but ask.

Being stewards of the many passwords in your company - of which most of them would be suspiciously similar, I reckon -  what would it take to compel you to divulge the passwords in your head?


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