Transcend e-mail attachment size limits with AllPeers

The frequently annoying cap of 10MB for e-mailed file attachments over popular Web-based e-mail services and many ISPs has just been conquered, by private peer-to-peer with Firefox and AllPeers. offers an add-on to the open source Firefox browser, which I stumbled upon while visiting OSCON, the O'Reilly Open Source Conference underway this week in Portland, Oregon. That add-on allows private file transfer a la Torrents, which is awfully handy when you have a file to transfer that is larger than the limits of the sender's and the receiver's e-mail systems. No parking a file on an FTP server, posting to a Web site and linking to a Web page, or chopping the file into 10MB slices required, by using this free service instead.

The add-on has the traditional curses of beta software; right now, it's bloated (4.6MB for a Firefox add-on?) and could be faster as well as smaller. But, those are problems commonly solved before software leaves beta. And, AllPeers has a very real advantage -- it's based in the E. U., and therefore has a real privacy policy.

How do you handle ad hoc unplanned large file transfers now? Do you see this as an advantage for your users and a time saver for you?