Vatican-approved discussion: Should the Church enter Second Life?

Following shortly after the debut of the official Vatican Web site (which even has its own TLD: *.va) comes a Church-approved magazine story urging participation in cyberspace, in particular Second Life.

Reuters reports the Jesuit journal La Civilta Cattolica published an article by a Catholic academic, Antonia Spadero, who believes Second Life and other cyber-reams may be areas for growth among the faithful and is worthy of mission work.

"Is there (cyber) space for God?" Spadero asks, and notes other religions have a presence there, describing how one Muslim from Sweden uses his avatar for prayer. Spadero also notes the, ahem, not-for-children aspects of Second Life, warns Catholics of potential offensive conduct they will find in Second Life, yet says "It's not possible to close our eyes to this phenomenon or rush to judge it. Instead it needs to be understood ... the best way to understand it is to enter it."

However, workplaces often have rules limiting religious expression at work, just as they may formally limit personal Internet use. Does your company have a formal policy regarding religion and the Web?


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