Versionate: Wiki for the masses

Another Web 2.0 application suite, Versionate, joins Google Docs, pbWiki, Social Text, and Confluence in challenging Microsoft's Sharepoint in the collaboration area. Are you prototyping or evaluating a collaboration system of similar nature, and what are your findings so far?

This document-driven wiki-like service accepts uploads of office docs, PDFs, images, (but not PPT files, yet) over SSL connections to create wiki-like editable pages, organized in folders, with version, group, and access controls. There's 500 MB of storage with the entry-level free account, plus thirty-day trials for more capacious accounts reaching to 20 GB at the $2/user-month level. All accounts give you full exports as well as imports for easy migration of your documents, another major advantage for users.

Meanwhile, Sharepoint staggers on, even though Microsoft's Vista compatability with many applications remain unresolved in all but marketing-speak.

Do Versonate's free personal accounts give you a reasonable opportunity to value-test before considering its value in your workplace?