Virtually mapping the real world in 3D

Waltham MA-based Everyscape plans to roll out a virtual world-based product that may be the next hit in virtual life styles. The tool provides a virtual 3D tour around cities with panoramic images mapped on the fly.

A quote from the article at Technology Review:

In Everyscape, building interiors are constructed the same way as the rest of the environment: by stitching together a series of panoramic photographs taken by company photographers or contributed by users. Within each photograph, a user can swivel through a full sphere of motion

3D environments are all the more awe inspiring because of their ability to provide users with more control and reality of experience. The product could well capture the attention of users if it lets them upload images and ease the task of constructing panoramic 3D worlds.

In fact, Everyscape CTO and founder Mok Oh plans to monetize on the product by offering it to businesses to map the interiors of their constructions. A similar model for the Web may be the next best thing in the emerging virtual worlds.