VMware Fusion for the Mac released

VMware FusionVMware has just announced the general availability of VMware Fusion. For those not already in the know, VMware Fusion essentially brings the ability to run virtual machines onto the Mac OS X.

VMware Fusion supports both 32- and 64-bit operating systems, the ability to utilize both cores of a dual-core processors, as well as support for a wide variety of USB 2.0 devices.

Like its Windows counterpart, the VMware Workstation, it is able to run the full plethora of OSs, such as Linux, BSD, and Solaris. In the case of laptops running out of battery, complete power management capabilities are on hand to safeguard the running of virtual machines.

From the VMware press release:

“VMware Fusion was designed for Mac enthusiasts looking for a seamless way to run Windows applications on the Mac,” said Dan Chu, vice president of emerging products and markets at VMware.

“VMware Fusion combines a very clean and intuitive interface that Mac users expect with the world’s most trusted desktop virtualization platform to allow users to run Mac applications seamlessly alongside PC applications on Intel-based Macs.”

According to VMware, there have been more than 250,000 downloads of the VMware Fusion beta since it became available in December last year. It is now available online at, the Apple Store,, and various other online stores. The software will soon be available at Apple’s retail stores and other authorized retailers worldwide.

VMware Fusion follows the release of Parallels Desktop for Mac, which was released two months back.

Is anyone out there planning to switch to an Mac now that you can run a Windows virtual machine for those indispensable Windows-based applications?

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