Vodafone’s Mobile Internet service: Uniformity in mobile Internet browsing experience

The move to bridge the gap between Internet browsing experience over the desktop/laptop and mobiles received a major boost with Vodafone, the leading British mobile service provider announcing its rendering engine that makes Internet Web sites available on mobiles without the handsets needing to be upgraded. The technology shrinks the WebPages with minimal changes to design and information, thus maintaining similar interfaces to their desktop versions.

Excerpts from the article at Earthtimes.org:

"Users now have the freedom to explore a much wider world on an extensive range of handsets, experiencing the familiarity of the Internet they previously enjoyed via a computer. The service is both easy to use and personalize, allowing millions of customers to make the most of their time", said Nick Read, chief executive of Vodafone UK.

Pricing schemes are: £7.50 for up to 120MB of data per month (data pack) or £1 for 500KB of usage each day. More details on the pricing scheme and the Internet offering are available at the 3G Web site.

Vodafone's offering makes Internet access more convenient for its sizable subscriber base using GPRS-enabled phones. Users can access the Google Search bar but will have more features when using the net via Vodafone's Internet offering owing to tie-ups with eBay, YouTube, MySpace, and Yahoo! Mail.

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Will the move succeed in drawing more users towards mobile Internet use or is the latest development an attractive repackaging of available features? Join the discussion.