WatchGuard identifies top five threats to the enterprise

WatchGuard top threatsWatchGuard Technologies, one of the key players in the secure appliances and unified threat management (UMT) field, has just released a summary of its research conducted by WatchGuard's Rapid Response team. By tracking attack patterns over the last three years, they have identified the five key threats afflicting the enterprise:

  • DNS system attacks
  • Virus and malware
  • Buggy Web applications
  • Hacking for profit
  • End users

Obviously, unless you just started using a PC this morning, the above list would hardly be a revelation.

Still, it got me thinking about what TR members and other IT professionals would consider their foremost headache on a day-to-day basis. It has been a while since we last did a poll, so here goes.

You can read the WatchGuard press release here.

Tell us more about the threats that you face in your organization.


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