What do coffee, soap, donuts, and sunflower seeds have in common?

In the near future, the answer will be caffeine. A North Carolina R&D company has come up with a way to embed caffeine into donuts in such a way that the caffeine doesn't hit the tongue's "bitter" receptors. In a welcome move for caffeiholics, the firm claims that they will have products (donuts, bagels, and energy bars) on the market by October. Each donut will contain 50 mg of caffeine, or about as much as you get in a cup of regular coffee.

New technology for caffeinated doughnuts (Confectionery News)

Caffeine has been showing up in wider varieties of products for years. I had a big soft spot for caffeinated peppermints for nearly three years, they now sell caffeinated water and even sunflower seeds infused with the energy giving chemical. You can also get your caffeine in the shower as soaps have appeared with caffeine designed to be absorbed through the skin. You are not even safe late at night in a dark bar as a wide variety of caffeinated alcoholic drinks have made their way onto the market.

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Caffeine soap puts a jolt in your shower (Ottawa Citizen)

Anheuser-Busch Spikes Spykes (Consumer Affairs)

Keep in mind that I am one of the aforementioned "caffeiholics." I have actually cut down to 4-5 sodas per day, more because of the sugar than the caffeine. I don't know about you, but I would not have survived in IT for as long as I have without the massive amounts of caffeine I run through my body on a daily basis. Between late nights in the server room, early morning meetings, and completing research projects for school, I would not get anywhere near as much done as I do were it not for "geeky's little helper."

How do you take your caffeine? Are you a fan of traditional methods of consumption (like coffee) or do you go for the more exotic delivery methods? Will you try one of the new caffeinated donuts or be truly evil and bring a dozen to the next staff meeting without telling anyone about the contents? Join the discussion.