Which mail provider has the best spam filtering?

Having your Monday blues? How many weekend-accumulated spam did you have to delete this morning round? Guess what, I just came across an article by Guy Kewney of Newswireless.net on Why is Hotmail so bad at spam.

According to him:

Its clear that Hotmail is doing its duty to deliver emails to people, if there's any possibility at all that they might be legitimate. It's taking the view that if it filter too strictly, people will get on its case for filtering out legitimate business communications...

If you are thinking perhaps it is more a case of Hotmail not having a spam filter than a poor one, Web expert Dominic Ryan at IIS Aid set up a test:

It appears that he can send email to all of the top ten mail provider - except to Hotmail where (he was was told by Hotmail staff) "SmartScreen" technology had identified email coming from y domain as being spam and had blocked my email server IP.

This does confirm what most of us already know or face on a day-by-day basis; the fact that spam filters are not born, or should I say, written equal.

So what about you? Which e-mail provider do you think has the best spam filtering out there? Cast your vote, and join the discussion.