Women in IT: Michelle Poston (maecuff), Programmer / Developer

In the latest podcast of the Women in IT series on TechRepublic, Sonja Thompson talks to Michelle Poston, better known in the TR forums as maecuff.


In this podcast of the Women in IT series on TechRepublic, I interviewed TechRepublic member Michelle Poston, better known in the TechRepublic community knows as maecuff.

"I would definitely recommend getting into IT for other women." -- Michelle Poston

Michelle lives in Ohio, which is not that far from TechRepublic's office in Louisville, Kentucky. She has been working in IT for 19 years as a programmer / developer, but her introduction into the field was really just a matter of chance - the class she wanted to take was full, so she opted for a data processing class that was (coincidentally) wide open.

In truly one of the most entertaining interviews that I've had since I started the Women in IT series, Michelle talks about how she originally found TR, her claim to fame as the winner of the crazy boss story contest, and her shovel, which -- even though she's never used it -- may still come in handy one day.

In the TechRepublic forums, as maecuff, Michelle says that other members think that she's a horribly mean person, but she's not. In fact, one of her favorite things about programming is helping people and making their jobs easier. However, TechRepublic is a place where maecuff can say exactly what she's thinking. Michelle claims that she would never behave that way in real life, because she would be fired or locked up.

Listen to the podcast to learn a little bit more about Michelle.