Youth in China are killing for Internet connectivity

Internet addiction in ChinaIn previous blog posts, I've highlighted the soaring rate of Internet addiction among today’s youth and the proliferation of this problem in China, where wayward kids seek all-night gaming at Internet cafes. China has taken some drastic steps to curb the growth of Internet addiction, such as banning the opening of new Internet cafes for a year, limiting the amount of time that users can play online games, and creating halfway houses for Net addicts. However, are these efforts enough? I don't think so. A recent article from CNET Networks' indicates that China still has a very serious problem: "Chinese boy kills mother over Net cafe money."

According to the article:

A teenage boy in southern China, "heavily addicted" to the Internet, killed his mother and severely injured his father with a kitchen knife after he was refused money to go to a cybercafe.

Wang, who is "less than 16" years old, left school a year ago. When not working for his father, who has made a living selling barbecue food in their neighborhood, he would go to Internet cafes. He had hoped to become an outstanding politician or economist, and believed that his parents were stifling his development.

What else can China do to tackle this growing problem? Is Internet addiction the responsibility of the government, the parents (if the addict is an under-aged youth), or the individual? Join the discussion.