YouTubers can now edit videos on the fly

YouTube will now be offering video-editing features to its users. Thus, YouTube's "Remixer" joins competitors PhotoBucket and Yahoo Video, which already offer video-editing features to their users.

The new "Remixer" tool allows users to create "professional-looking videos by splicing together media such as video clips, photos, music, graphics, and other effects, according to information found on the site." (

PhotoBucket with its own Remixer and Yahoo, which acquired San Francisco-based Jumpcut last September, are offering similar tools (Next Net Blog) based on Adobe's technologies.

Added to this is the news that YouTube has launched its mobile version. Thus, users can now create and edit content on the fly from their mobile phones. These new tidbits aside, it does seem that YouTube, with all its popularity, is still to come out with a highly differentiating user experience (as lamented by Craig Rubens at What is your experience with Photobucket, Yahoo video, or YouTube? Do you think that the online video space is stagnating with lot of content but that there's very little differentiation among the players? Join the discussion.