$1,000 for an Origami "PDA"--I'll pass

As a highly-mobile gadget nut, I'm always looking for new

gizmos that will fit in my pocket. But I just don't understand why I should

spend $1,000, or even $500, for an oversized PDA. Microsoft and PC makers have

recently unveiled a series of minitablet

PCs. These lightweight, low-wattage devices will run a variant of Windows

XP developed through Microsoft's Origami Project.

Current models will set you back about $1,000, but manufactures are promising

$500 systems by mid year. So again, I have to ask why.

Sure you can browse the Internet,

send e-mails, and listen to MP3 files, but the drawbacks are many. Without a full-size

keyboard, document creation and editing will be all but impossible. Even

writing e-mails with a stylus is a chore. Sure, I see some limited applications

for these smaller-than-laptop devices. Doctors and nurses can easily carry

them around a hospital. But beyond a few very limited markets, I don't see a

large segment of consumers rushing out to spend $500 on a glorified PDA. Perhaps,

I'll change my mind if I get one to try for a few months. But for now, I'll


By Bill Detwiler

Bill Detwiler is Editor in Chief of TechRepublic and Tech Pro Research and the host of Cracking Open, CNET and TechRepublic's popular online show. Prior to joining TechRepublic in 2000, Bill was an IT manager, database administrator, and desktop supp...