Defending against attacks targeting your users

Increasingly sophisticated attacks aimed at users are a threat to company networks and data. Find out more about threats and solutions with this popular TechRepublic Webcast, now available on demand.

In case you missed it, a February 2009 TechRepublic Webcast, "Top IT Security Threats: How to Protect Your Users from Increasingly Sophisticated Attacks" proved to be popular among members. Our moderator James Hilliard spoke to representatives from PhoneFactor (the sponsor), a provider of two-factor authentication solutions.

Here is what the 45-minute Webcast covered:

  • Why and how users are being targeted
  • Top threats, including new trends and methodologies
  • Established vulnerabilities that are continually going unaddressed
  • The role of out of band, two-factor authentication in preventing attacks

Not surprisingly, it touts the benefits of tokenless, two-factor authentication, but it's also a good rundown of current threats, including targeted phishing, malware, and man-in-the-middle attacks.

The Webcast is now available on-demand, so you can listen/view at your convenience.

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