PGP Corp's "The 12 Threats of Christmas"

I'll close out the holiday season for the IT Security weblog here at TechRepublic by presenting one of the most annoying amusing pieces of security culture to come out of 2007. Without further ado, I present PGP Corporation's new security awareness Christmas jingle, The 12 Threats of Christmas:

PGP Corporation is one of the foremost security solutions providers in the world. The name of the company comes from the "Pretty Good Privacy" cryptographic system created by Phil Zimmerman and released to the public in 1991, one of the first freely available public key cryptography tools, and still one of the best. The OpenPGP standard has since become the basis of other, similar tools, including GNU Privacy Guard, also known variously as GnuPG and GPG. Anyone that knows much about privacy and personal security tools should be familiar with PGP and its descendants.

These days, PGP Corporation (the current copyright holder for the official PGP codebase and owner of the PGP trademark) focuses its attention primarily on serving corporate security markets, but the company's The 12 Threats of Christmas music video makes it apparent that it hasn't forgotten about the personal touch.