The Right Tool for the Job?

Next week, TechRepublic is launching an exciting new feature called The Right Tool for the Job?

Each week a TechRepublic contributor or member will review a different software or hardware tool with which they have significant personal experience. Each reviewer will outline the job for which he or she is using the tool and evaluate the product's performance. Our reviewers (network administrators, help desk analysts, IT consultants, and other technology professionals) will focus on real-world application and personal experience.

The Right Tool for the Job? reviews will examine help desk call/equipment tracking software, network management and monitoring tools, security software and tools, database software, Web platforms, desktop/laptop management tools, software deployment utilities, hard drive imaging systems, patch management applications, network hardware, business class office hardware, video conferencing equipment, and more. When possible, each review will also include a gallery of photos or screenshots.

Write your own review

If you've found the perfect tool for the job, we want to hear about it. Send us an e-mail describing the product and the job you're using it for. If we feature the product in The Right Tool for the Job? blog, you'll earn a little cash and be featured across the TechRepublic Web site and in our newsletters.