Toyota Prius immune to virus attack----for now

According to antivirus software developer F-Secure, the Cabir mobile-phone worm cannot infect a Bluetooth-enabled Toyota Prius. During a recent test, F-Secure technicians tried to transmit the Cabir.B and Cabir.H worms to a Toyota Prius without success. This puts to rest rumors that Toyota and Lexus cars with Bluetooth capability are susceptible to Cabir infection.

Unfortunately, I doubt this trend of immunity will continue indefinitely. As more retail electronics and are controlled by virus-susceptible operating systems, malware miscreants will increasingly target those systems. Personally I'm waiting for the first toaster virus that burns my breakfast.

By Bill Detwiler

Bill Detwiler is Editor in Chief of TechRepublic and Tech Pro Research and the host of Cracking Open, CNET and TechRepublic's popular online show. Prior to joining TechRepublic in 2000, Bill was an IT manager, database administrator, and desktop supp...