Two Apples a day won't keep hackers at bay, but neither will Firefox

Quick, what's Apple's biggest vulnerability? Right, QuickTime!

QuickTime just happens to run on both Windows and Mac OS X, which makes this the second cross-platform threat I have reported here in the past week. This is also the second time in a week Apple has released a security patch to block malicious Web sites from using QuickTime flaws to wreak havoc on those visitors who could be tricked to visiting.

The Register has a brief article on the vulnerabilities and also carries a piece on a dozen other recently patched holes in OS X, including a serious threat due to a problem with mDNSResponder.

Thanks a "heap," Apple.

And, lest non-Mac users feel safe with their freeware,  it turns out that Firefox add-ons, including the notorious Google toolbar, pose serious security threats. This and other plug-in vulnerabilities in Google Browser Sync and the Yahoo! toolbar (as well as the AOL and toolbars -- and even the Netcraft Anti-Phishing Toolbar and PhishTank SiteChecker) were discovered by graduate student Christopher Soghoian.

I think until the dust settles on this one I'll go back to using IE.