Use a cellphone? everyone knows your name

Some people think and even say out loud that I am paranoid.

Of course as a security specialist I am professionally

paranoid but even the average person on the street is now learning that you can

never be paranoid enough.

You may not have seen the reports on TV yet but you will

soon – your cell phone records of incoming and outgoing calls are all a matter

of public record available online for about $100.

This should be particularly scary for those who are trying

to hide from domestic violence, celebrities, or executives who will now find

that all their private contacts are well known and will probably be posted on

the Web in one Blog or another.

 But it is also a major concern for anyone in IT management or security because of the massive potential for social engineering.

 Who would question a call to a very private cell phone number which you think is only known to company executives or the help desk?