10 Red Hat Linux tips for system admins

Get tips and tricks for Red Hat Linux from Red Hat Certified Engineers, courtesy of Global Knowledge.

Global Knowledge tapped Red Hat Certified Engineers to compile a list of tip and tricks for system administrators, which you can get as a free download from the TechRepublic registry. This is a concise, nine-page paper that includes these topics:

  • Wiping a hard drive
  • Determining the manufacturer of a laptop battery
  • Sharing¬† a hot spare device in software RAID
  • Getting USB to work when drivers are not available
  • Using Proc
  • Growing the devices in a RAID array
  • Installing third-party RPMs
  • Partprobe
  • Pyshell
  • Unkillable processes

Download 10 Red Hat Linux Tips and Tricks to add to your Linux library.

By Selena Frye

Selena has been at TechRepublic since 2002. She is currently a Senior Editor with a background in technical writing, editing, and research. She edits Data Center, Linux and Open Source, Apple in the Enterprise, The Enterprise Cloud, Web Designer, and...