Cisco announces Linux-app finalists for its router blades

Cisco announces finalists for its Linux-based application contest, and the Linux Foundation offers some goodies to the Linux faithful with an expanded membership program.

CNET's Matt Asay reports on the ongoing contest that Cisco is sponsoring for Linux developers: Cisco developer contest drives great applications to Linux. The challenge issued to Linux developers was to design applications for Cisco's Application Extension Platform and Integrated Service Routers for a $100,000 prize. The hundreds of registrations have now been whittled down to 10 finalists with a winner to be announced in October 2009. Check out the finalists here.

And if you really want to become a mover-and-shaker in the Linux revolution, the Linux Foundation just announced an "expanded" membership program ($99 per year) that gets you a number of special perks and member discounts, including your own email address. Here are the discounts offered:

  • 30% Off of Linux Foundation LinuxCon 2009 - Over $100 value - pays for itself with one use
  • 20% Discount on registration fees for Linux Foundation Training - Over $100 value - pays for itself with one use
  • 35% of O'Reilly Books and E-Books
  • 35% of No Starch Press Publications
  • 15% off Subscription to Linux Journal
  • 15% off Neuros Technologies NeurosLink. The Neuros LINK allows you to watch internettv (hulu, youtube) as well as downloads on your TV using Linux.
  • 50% off Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE)
  • $10 off every $40 order on Thinkgeek (excluding shipping and taxes)
  • 20% Off O'Reilly's Open Source Convention (OSCON) - Over $100 value - pays for itself with one use