Command line angst

All true Linux aficionados extol the beauty of the command line for efficiency and control. At the same time, they know that what they value turns off the mainstream user. Command line — yikes! Blogger Bruce Byfield describes this dilemma nicely in his post, "Fear and loathing at the command line." Here's one quote:

The truth is, learning the command line is like learning to touch-type: in return for enduring the slowness and repetitiousness of learning, you gain expertise and efficiency. By contrast, using a graphical desktop is like two-fingered typing: you can learn it quickly, but you don't progress very fast or far. To someone interested in results, the superiority of the command line seems obvious, but, when instant gratification and fashion is your priority, the desktop's superiority seems equally obvious.

Read the rest of this thoughtful essay and see if you agree/disagree or have points to add. Maybe it's time for someone to write Command Line for Dummies?

By Selena Frye

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