Desktop-sharing solution TeamViewer now available for Linux

The multi-platform remote access control solution called TeamViewer is now available for Linux. You can download the beta version for free.

Several weeks ago, TechRepublic blogger Michael Kassner featured this remote access application in an interview with Constantin Falcoianu of TeamViewer GmbH. TeamViewer allows desktop-sharing, remote access control, VPN connectivity, and even the option of audio/video conferencing. At the time Michael profiled the product, it was available for Windows and Mac systems and had just been ported to the iPhone.

Yesterday, TeamViewer announced that it is now available on the Linux platform:

The all-in-one TeamViewer for Linux solution offers three connection options. The remote support mode allows IT professionals to take over a distant computer for troubleshooting, problem solving and teamwork. Perfect for sales service, training or webinars, TeamViewer also offers a presentation mode. File transfer, the third connection option, enables the fast and straightforward transfer of information from one computer to the other, regardless of where the two computers are located.

You can download TeamViewer now to try it out. It's free for non-commercial users, and while still in beta, reviewer Lee Mathews at says it seems very usable and stable so far. There are builds for :

  • Red Hat, Fedora, Suse, Mandriva (32/64-Bit)
  • Debian, Ubuntu (32-Bit)
  • Debian, Ubuntu (64-Bit)
  • and .tar.gz download