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Download a GNU/Linux administration e-book for free

The Free Technology Academy is giving away free copies of its e-book, GNU/Linux Advanced Administration. Read about what it includes and get the link to the download.

The Free Technology Academy is offering a complimentary copy of GNU/Linux Advanced Administration, a 500+page e-book that you can download in PDF format (19 MB). There is a registration page to fill out, but I didn't think it was too bad; it only took a minute. They send a confirmation email that provides the link to the download.

The guide covers everything from an introduction to the operating system, basic tools, and the kernel to more advanced topics including:

  • Network administration
  • Server administration
  • Data administration
  • Security
  • Configuring and tuning
  • Clustering

It's definitely worth a look. I came by it on Here's the link to request your e-book download.

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