Google Chrome for Linux ready for prime-time

Google announced its stable and speedy version of Chrome for Linux. What's your favorite browser for Linux?

Little Google Chrome is no longer a beta Linux; Google announced yesterday in the Chromium blog that Chrome is "stable":

With continued improvements in plugin support, extensions functionality, and desktop integration, as well as new features such as desktop notifications and bookmark sync, we believe this release of Google Chrome for Linux to be a solid, high-performance, fully-featured, all-purpose browser. From the early porting days of layout test fixing, deep and hairy posix and raw X11 code, to designing a truly native UI and building a host of new and polished features, we're thrilled to work with the larger community to deliver a fast, stable, secure, and sophisticated browser.

You can download the latest Chrome for Linux here and be sure to watch the cool Google Chrome Speed Test video.

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By Selena Frye

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