How much does Linux adoption depend on gaming?

Stephen J.V. Nichols at has uncovered the truth about why you can't use Linux (or any variation) as your Xbox screen name. Turns out that it is not just another case of Microsoft beating down Linux, but part of a broader prohibition against trademarks of any kind, as well as a slew of other questionable words or formations that might get them into legal trouble. Nichols concludes by admitting that even a confirmed Linux aficionado can't do without his Xbox and that Linux isn't even on the radar as far as being a gaming platform.

TechRepublic blogger, IT manager, and gamer Ramon Padilla has also weighed in on the gaming gap between open source and Microsoft and has suggested that as long as serious gamers have to have different platforms at business and at home, Linux adoption will have a hard time getting off the ground.

It seems that everyone pretty much agrees that Linux most decidedly does not "rule" when it comes to gaming. Do you think this is an important issue or just a distraction from the serious arguments for Linux adoption? Do you have any Big Ideas about the opportunities for improvement? Predictions? Or do you just want to be left alone with your Xbox?