HyperSpace brings netbook ease (and Linux) to laptops and desktops

The HyperSpace OS is an instant-on, secure Web environment which you can boot into from your laptop or desktop, bringing netbook benefits to your regular machines. And unlike the SplashTop environments bundled via OEMs, this Linux-based layer can be downloaded to run on existing XP and Vista machines.

Phoenix Technologies is demonstrating its HyperSpace instant-on OS at CES this week. CNET's Dan Ackerman gives HyperSpace a pretty good review. He likes the quick boot (his timed at 24 seconds) and the fact that the network options are easier to use for Wi-Fi connections.

The Linux Foundation's Brian Proffitt is even more enthusiastic about HyperSpace's potential to put a Linux layer on a whole lot of machines:

If this sounds a lot like the SplashTop environment, you're right. Both virtualized environments sit on notebooks and netbooks and deliver faster boot times and more security. And, yes, both are Linux based.

But there is one big difference right now between the two offerings: SplashTop is only offered through OEM bundles, since it is directly installed in the system BIOS. HyperSpace can also be downloaded and installed on existing Vista and XP machines.

You can feel the excitement that world domination is just over the horizon, yes? Be that as it may, Proffitt's post is food for thought.


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