IDC: Linux has proved itself in the enterprise and its rise will continue

Some of the biggest IT industry researchers have been remarking on the positive trends in Linux growth. The latest is a new report from IDC forecasting that enterprise spending in the "Linux ecosystem" will more than double over the next four years.

In addition to Gartner's more measured optimism regarding Linux, IDC analyst's are predicting that enterprise spending in the "Linux ecosystem" will more than double over the next four years, hitting $49 billion by 2011. The growth is attributed to enterprises finding more uses for Linux than the traditional, basic infrastructure components:

"Additional workloads, including database, enterprise resource planning, decision support, and general business processing, are steadily advancing their share of total workload deployments."

IDC's new Linux white paper also says that Linux growth is due to migrations away from proprietary UNIX systems and that the venerable old OS is taking hits from both Windows and Linux.

The Inquirer goes on to suggest that IDC's jargon-laden marketing-speak concerning Linux is a positive development in itself:

It's good to see that Linux is finally adopting a more businesslike approach by leveraging world class competencies and thinking outside the blue sky envelope. The gratuitous use of meaningless management jargon can only accelerate its penetration of ecosystems.

I couldn't have said it better myself!

By Selena Frye

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