iPods and the Penguin

Now that the new iPods have disabled Linux compatibility, there's a lot of griping out there. As Gizmodo points out:

Using a third party app (such as Winamp in Windows as well) to unlock or modify the database file (i.e., load up or sync your iPod), will make your iPod tell you the number of songs on it is a big, fat zero. Work's started on a hack, but it'd be nicer if Apple fixed this themselves. You know, instead of totally cutting off a not-insignificant swath of their customers.

As hacking proceeds, you might just decide to opt out of the Apple array altogether. At downloadsquad.com, they've published side-by-side comparisons of the Nokia N800 with both the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Do you think Apple will eventually re-introduce Linux compatibility without forcing people to try to hack their way in? What do you think the best open source alternatives are to the iPod?

I have an absolutely no-frills MP3 player from Creative Media, and I'm considering stepping up to the iPod Nano. I don't need to carry around over a zillion songs. Other suggestions?