Linux r/evolution: What's next?'s feature commentary, "Where does Linux go from here?" by Bob Barr is an interesting read. As Linux worms its way into more IT shops and on to the desktops of users, Barr takes a stab at guessing what the logical next step will be. Under the banner of the Linux Big Three -- Red Hat, Novell, and Ubuntu -- how will Linux respond?

In the face of such success, will Linux remain true to its free software ideals and to the community which created it? Or will it morph into a corporate byproduct, driven by the bottom line, and complacent with all forms of predatory intellectual property (IP), including software patents and closed, proprietary standards which are standard fare in the IT industry.

...It's a given that Microsoft will continue to use the same tactics it has used all along -- disinformation, saber-rattling, and duplicitous advertising -- despite the fact that those tactics are not working, as witness the failed SCO attack. My bet is that Microsoft will opt to get into the Linux business while the company still matters, and that it will be no more trustworthy once it does than it is today.

How do you think the big picture for Linux will shape up? Do you agree with Barr's prediction above? Read the full commentary here.