My morning coffee

I know, I know...I promised to chat about the various Linux install tools. Don't worry, I'll get to that. But I wanted to post a short entry about a Firefox extension that has become one of my "must use" daily tools. The extension is called Morning Coffee and this extension rocks.

I don't drink coffee - but I do drink Diet Pepsi every morning (so I get the whole "must have caffeine" thing) but when it comes to my morning ritual, MC is now deeply embedded. So what is this lil' miracle? Well my darlings it's one heck of a time saver (and I know you're all about time savers). What MC does is, when you click the lil' coffee icon in the tool bar it opens all of the sites you've set up in different tabs. So now, instead of having to go to each bookmark individually, I can just click a button and HOLY COW every site I view in the morning is there waiting for my beady lil' eyes.

Installation of MC is as simple as any extension. Go to the Morning Coffee extension page, click "Install Now" and then, from the extensions window, click "Install". Of course you'll have to "Windows" Firefox and restart the browser to finish up the installation.

Once the install is complete you'll see a new icon in the toolbar that looks like an adorable coffee cup. Isn't it cute? Now here's where the fun begins. Open up a tab and go to one of the sites you view every morning. Once the site is up click on the Coffee icon drop-down menu. From the drop-down list you can click Add To My Morning Coffee and then choose what day of the week you want to have the page open. I tend to visit the same sites every day of the week so I just add them to Everyday.

To add a new site, simply open the site in the tab and repeat the process. Very simple, very easy. Mmmmmm coffee.

No this extension isn't going to keep your company's network up and running but it will certainly save you a little time as you down your Pop Tarts and Diet Pepsi in the morning. Click the coffee, speed-read, and go!

Mmmm good to the last slashdot!