Open source apps, tips, and tricks: Round-up

Here's a round-up of some of the best open source topics that have appeared in other blogs on TechRepublic, just in case you missed them.

Jack Wallen

10 Windows applications that should be ported to Linux

The ranks of Linux users would certainly grow if a few go-to Windows apps could run natively on the OS. Jack Wallen lists the ones he thinks would turn the tide.

How do I run a remote Linux desktop in Windows?

The ability to connect from Windows to Linux is all you need to make administrating from a central location much easier.

10 open source Windows apps worth checking out

The open source community has a lot to offer, and not just to Linux users. These 10 outstanding Windows tools can make your life easier for free.

How do I connect to a remote Windows 7 desktop from a Linux machine?

In this How do I tip, Jack Wallen shows you how to connect to a Windows 7 machine remotely from a Linux desktop.

How do I install and use Claws Mail in Windows?

Claws Mail is now available for Windows. Jack Wallen shows you how to install it and what it can do to enhance your daily email management.

How do I tag files in Windows with TaggedFrog?

TaggedFrog has an incredibly clean and easy to use interface that allows the users to simply drag and drop files into the GUI to add tags to a file.

How do I clone a hard drive with Clonezilla?

With Clonezilla you can clone a single drive or even a single partition within a drive and then recover that drive later.

10 old-school Linux tools I refuse to let go of

No matter which platform you prefer, there are probably a few old tools you just can't part with. Jack Wallen shares his Linux favorites.

Product Spotlight: Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud

The Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud is for anyone (personal, SMB, enterprise) needing to either test or deploy a cloud environment.

Chad Perrin

Use QuickProxy for a simple proxy switch in Firefox

Switching proxy functionality on and off in Firefox can be something of a chore using the default menu interface. The QuickProxy extension eliminates the need to jump through several hoops to get to the goal.

FreeBSD file flags enhance Unix filesystem security

POSIX compliant Unix file permissions can be reinforced by additional filesystem protections called "file flags" on FreeBSD.

Understand the setuid and setgid permissions to improve security

Understanding how the setuid and setgid permissions work on a Unix-like system is important, in part to know why they are used sometimes, but more importantly, to avoid misusing them.

Managing default Unix file permissions with adduser and umask

Chad Perrin follow up his post on configuring Unix file permissions with instructions for automating permissions defaults for new files.

Understand basic Unix file permissions

The standard Unix file permissions system can be used to enhance basic security. Chad Perrin explains the basics of file-level security management in Unix-type systems.

Jason Hiner

What's the best laptop for running Ubuntu Linux?

I want to find the best laptop to run Ubuntu Linux in a business setting. Check out my requirements and then post your best recommendation.

One big thing Ubuntu can teach Microsoft, Apple, and all CTOs

Ubuntu is known as the friendliest Linux distribution, but it also has a important quality that Microsoft, Apple, and software developers can learn from