Setting the record straight on Linux

Here is a good post from a self-proclaimed professional hacker: "Five Common Misconceptions About Linux."

1. Linux is Behind the Times

One comment heard often is "Linux was five years behind XP, and it's 10 years behind Vista!" Well, here are some facts:

* Windows began separating the basic user from the administrator account by default in Vista, over 15 years behind Linux.

* Windows added a firewall in 2001, over seven years behind Linux's 1994 addition of ipchains.

* Linux was the first operating system with x86_64 support, beating Windows XP Pro x64 by two years.

* Windows added an attractive 3D accelerated graphical interface in Vista, a full year behind Linux's XGL.

* Linux's package management system can install, uninstall, and update software from one interface. Everything installed from Apache to OpenOffice and Quake 4 may be updated with one press. Windows has nothing like this on the road map.

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By Selena Frye

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