Office solution: How to quickly count the number of selected cells

Learn the solution to the Office challenge: How quickly can you count the number of cells in a selection?

In our last challenge of 2011, we asked for the quickest way to determine the number of cells in a selection. I suppose you could do the math in your head-15 columns by 32 rows is... but nobody wants to work that hard and fortunately, there's a much easier way. Cfeliz was the first to mention the Count indicator on the Status bar. (If you can't see it in this figure, the indicator displays Count: 16.)

I thought I'd stump you guys by asking for a count instead of a sum! As Damiross mentions, you can also learn the sum of the selected cells the same way. In Excel 2010, you can display several selection indicators at the same time. In Excel 2003, you must right-click the indicator and choose an option, with Sum being the default.

Thanks for another great challenge!