Quickly add page numbers to your Word documents

Sometimes, it's more efficient to take a task into your own hands. See how you can save a little time entering a PAGE field instead of making a trip to the Page Numbers dialog box.

If all you need is a page number at the top or bottom of your page, you don't have to spend time clicking through options to insert it. It may be faster to enter a Page field in the header or footer. For example, to insert the page number at the top-right of each page in your document, follow these steps:

  1. Go to View | Header And Footer. In Word 2007, double-click at the top of the page to display the header.
  2. Click the Align Right button on the Formatting toolbar. In Word 2007, click the Align Text Right button in the Paragraph group on the Home tab.
  3. Type the word PAGE (Figure A) and select it.
  4. Press Ctrl +  F9 to insert the field (Figure B).
  5. Press F9 to update the field.
  6. Double-click outside the Header pane to return to the body of the document.

Figure A

Figure B

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