Use Excel's REPT function to visually display data comparisons

This cool trick uses the REPT function in a slightly unorthodox way: to create a worksheet-style 'progress bar' that presents a quick visual comparison of data in specified cells.

To keep employees informed of their progress, you might keep a worksheet like the one in Figure A, which tracks the completion rates of assigned tasks.

Figure A

Just listing the completion rates, however, makes it hard to compare one task with another. It's easier to monitor results when they are presented graphically. Follow these steps.

  1. Select D2:C11.
  2. Enter the following formula (Figure B): =REPT("|",C2*100)

Figure B

  1. Press Ctrl + Enter.
The comparative results are now shown graphically, as shown in Figure C.

Figure C

(Note that you can use any symbol for "|" in the formula. )

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