10+ keyboard shortcuts for speeding your work with Excel data

For many Excel tasks, using shortcuts can be far more efficient than searching through menus or bouncing among Ribbon tabs in search of the options you need.

Shortcuts can save you a considerable amount of time when you're entering or modifying data in a worksheet -- but only if you can remember them. This list offers a quick reminder of some old standbys, along with a few shortcuts that are less well known but equally useful.

Note: This article originally appeared as an entry in our 10 Things blog. A comprehensive list of Excel shortcuts is available as a PDF download.

The shortcuts

Action Shortcut
Complete an entry and move to the next cell Enter
Insert a new line within a cell Alt + Enter
Enable editing within a cell F2
Fill selected cells with an entry you typed in one cell Ctrl + Enter
Cancel an entry Esc
Fill data down through selected cells Ctrl + D
Fill data through selected cells to the right Ctrl + R
Create a name Ctrl + F3
Insert a hyperlink Ctrl + K
Insert the current date Ctrl and ; (semicolon)
Insert the current time Ctrl and : (colon)
Delete from the insertion point to the end of the line Ctrl + Delete
Add blank cells Ctrl and Shift+ (plus)
Delete selected cells Ctrl and - (hyphen)
Create a chart from a range of data F11