A cheatsheet of Excel shortcuts that make inserting data faster

These handy Microsoft excel shortcuts will help you enter data, create names, and complete functions easier and more efficiently once you start using them regularly.

Inserting content into an Excel sheet is a constant function for most of us. We're constantly entering something into a sheet. The following keyboard shortcuts automate some of these tasks - some you probably already know, but take a look. Maybe you'll find a few new ones!



Insert data

Ctrl + K

Insert a hyperlink

Ctrl + ;

Insert the current date

Ctrl + :

Insert the current time

Ctrl + Enter

Enter value into non-contiguous cells

Alt + Enter

Wrap text to new line in same cell

Alt + Down Arrow

Display AutoComplete list

Shift + F2

Insert comment

Insert functions

Alt + =

Insert sum function

Shift + F3

Launch function wizard

Ctrl + Shift + A

Completes function by inserting argument

Insert names

Ctrl + Shift + F3

Create names from labels in adjacent row and/or columns

Ctrl + F3

Launch Name Manager


Displays Paste Name dialog.