A keyboard shortcut for returning to the active cell in Excel

Susan Harkins explains how to use a keyboard shortcut to quickly return to the active cell in an Excel worksheet.

Some spreadsheets are large and extend well past the right and lower edges of your screen. There are many ways to navigate a large spreadsheet, but scrolling right or down and losing sight of the active cell is quite common. A simple scroll up or left will return you to where you were—to the active cell--in a small spreadsheet. Getting back to the active cell might prove more difficult in a large sheet. Of course, you probably remember the general direction of the active cell, but depending on just how far you've wandered, scrolling back to the active cell is probably the least efficient way to get there.

Now, if you remember the active cell, you can press [Ctrl]+G and enter the cell address or range name and click OK (or press Enter). Most likely, you won't remember the cell reference, but that's Okay because there's a keyboard shortcut for returning to the active cell—from anywhere in the same sheet. After losing sight of the active cell, just press [Ctrl]+[Backspace] and Excel will return you to the active cell.

When you test this, keep in mind that the active cell shouldn't be visible. If it's visible, the screen doesn't change. Be sure to scroll to the right or down until the active cell is no longer on your screen. In addition, this every sheet has its own active cell, so you can't use this shortcut to jump to another sheet.

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