Add a drop cap to a Word document

Add an artistic element to a Word document using drop cap characters.

A drop cap is an artistic embellishment in the form of a character. You see them at the beginning of chapters and magazine articles. They're quite interesting—so much so that you might think adding one is difficult, but drop caps are remarkably easy to insert. Simply select the character and choose the type of drop cap--it simply couldn't be any easier!

There are two types of drop cap:

  • Dropped: Wraps text around the drop cap.
  • In Margin: Isolates drop cap into the left margin.

If you're using Word 2003, select the character and choose Drop Cap from the Format menu. In Word 2007 and 2010, click the Insert tab, then click the Drop Cap dropdown in the Text group. Then, in all versions, choose Dropped or In Margin. Selecting one or the other enables three options:

  • Font: Specify a font for the drop cap. This option won't change the paragraph's font. You can change the drop cap's font later by highlighting it and changing the font as you would normal text.
  • Lines To Drop: Determines the drop cap's size. The more lines you drop, the larger the drop cap character.
  • Distance From Text: Positions the drop cap relative to the paragraph text.
Not only is this feature easy to implement, it's flexible!