Add a Total row to your Access 2007 table

What's the bottom line? In Access 2007, you can calculate totals in table view. Here's how to add a Total row to your database and then analyze the data it presents.

Before Access 2007, you could calculate totals on your data in query, report, or form view. Access 2007 lets you add a Total row field to your tables.

For example, say you want to find out the average number of hours your employees worked per week in June. Follow these steps to add a total row to the hours field column in your Employees database:

1. Open your Employees database.

2. In the Navigation pane, double-click the table that records the hours worked for the month of June.

3. Click the Hours field name in the open table.

4. Click the Home tab.

5. Click the Totals button.

6. Scroll to the end of the Hours column and click the Total row field's list arrow.

7. Select Average.

To find the maximum or minimum number of hours worked by any one employee, select Maximum or Minimum, respectively, in step 7. To obtain a total of all hours worked for the month, select Sum in step 7.

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