Add patterned lines to PowerPoint AutoShapes

Are your PowerPoint AutoShapes boring? Add a bit of razzle dazzle using patterned lines.

You probably know how to add a pattern to fill an AutoShape, but that's just the beginning. Not only can you fill an AutoShape, you can outline it with a patterned line. The process is simple and the possibilities are almost endless. To add a patterned line to an AutoShape, do the following:

  1. Add an AutoShape to a slide. You'll find that option on the Drawing toolbar. Use any AutoShape you like, but start out with something simple.
  2. With the AutoShape selected, choose a contrasting color for the border using the Line Color tool on the Drawing toolbar.

  3. Using the Line Style tool, choose 6 pt. A thick line shows the pattern best. At this point, you have a thick, contrasting border.

  4. Now, you're ready to add a pattern. From the Line Color icon, choose Patterned Lines.
  5. Select a pattern and click OK. The finished product is an AutoShape with a patterned border.

Getting the right look can take a bit of experimentation, but it's worth it.