An efficient method for adding a text box to a Word document

Don't spend time adjusting the size of a text box to fit the text when Word can do the job for you.

The usual routine for entering a text box into a Word document is to select the spot where you want the text box to appear, choose Text Box from the Insert menu, drag the insertion point until the text box is about the right size, and then enter the text. This method is a bit inefficient, because you usually have to resize the text box a bit. It's difficult to get the size just right before you actually enter the text. I like to enter the text and then insert the text box. That way, the text box adjusts to the text automatically. The approach seems a bit backward, but it's more efficient. Here's how to enter a text box based on the text:

  1. Enter the text in the document anywhere you like. You can move the text box later.
  2. Select the text.
  3. Choose Text box from the Insert menu.
It's that simple. Word inserts and fills the text box using the selected text and adjusts the size of the text box, accordingly. This method is more efficient than the more traditional method of filling an existing text box.