Best of both worlds: Office info meets the 10 Things list

Here in the Office blog, there's a steady supply of tips on solving problems, knocking out tasks, and helping users work effectively with the various Office apps. But sometimes, you might just want a quick feature overview, a heads-up on Office issues, or a collection of pointers or shortcuts. That's what our 10 Things lists are designed to provide, and you'll find quite a few of them here. (Just choose 10 Things from the Pick A Blog Category drop-down list and click View to find them.)

But now, we've created a dedicated 10 Things blog that includes all kinds of handy lists for IT pros, from career development to security measures to project management to net admin tasks -- and that's where our Office-focused 10 things lists are going to live from now on, too. Here's a sampling of the Office lists you'll find there:

The 10 Things blog is a clearinghouse for concise explanations that will quickly get you up to speed on essential topics -- and that includes Office. So if you have any suggestions for Office topics you'd like to see covered in the 10 Things format (and all apps are fair game), by all means let us know.