Create a custom header for your Excel 2007 worksheets

If you've found adding headers to Excel 2007 documents a bit different than with past releases, you're not alone. Mary Ann Richardson explains how you can easily add a custom header and footer, including your company's logo, in Excel 2007.

Adding headers to Excel 2007 worksheets differs significantly from earlier releases. Instead of working with a separate Page Setup dialog, Excel 2007 lets you work with the header directly on the worksheet in Page Layout view. For example, to create a header with the title, "2007 Profit & Loss Statement" in the center, the company's logo inserted at the left margin, and the date inserted at the right margin, follow these steps:

  1. Click the View tab and then click Page Layout in the Workbook Views group.
  2. Click the words Click to Add Header above row 1.
  3. Type 2007 Profit && Loss Statement. (Note that you must enter the ampersand twice in order to enter it as a character.)
  4. Click outside the box to the left of the title.
  5. In Header & Footer Design Ribbon, click Picture in the Header & Footer Elements group.
  6. Browse to the file containing your company's logo, and then click Insert.
  7. Click any cell in the worksheet.
  8. Click on the logo.
  9. In Header & Footer Tools Design Ribbon, select Format Picture in the Header & Footer Elements group.
  10. Click the Down arrow of the Height box until it reaches 50%, then click OK.
  11. Click to the right of the worksheet title near the right margin.
  12. Click Current Date in the Header & Footer Elements group of the Header & Footer Tools Design tab.
  13. Click in any cell to exit the Header/Footer mode.

You can perform similar operations to create a footer for your worksheet. To access the footer area of your worksheet, click anywhere in the header, then click Go To Footer in the Navigation group of the Header & Footer Tools tab.

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