Create process diagrams in less time with Word 2007's SmartArt

Word 2007's SmartArt makes diagram creation easier than ever, automatically resizing elements and allowing you to preview changes before you apply them. Here's how to create a simple diagram in SmartArt.

Prior to Word 2007, adding process diagrams to Word documents required a lot of resizing of both the graphics and the text. If you applied a different format and decided you did not like it, you had to undo it.

Word 2007's SmartArt feature automatically resizes text and graphics for you, eliminating much of the redrawing, clicking, and dragging. In addition, you can now preview a new format before you apply it. Follow these steps to create a process diagram for the six phases of program development:

1. Click the Insert tab.

2. Click the SmartArt button in the Illustrations Group.

3. Click Cycle.

4. Click Block Cycle, the third graphic in the first row.

5. Click OK.

6. Click the tab with the arrows on the left border of the drawing canvas (Figure A).

Figure A

7. At the prompt, type Step 1. Program Specification.8. Press the down arrow key and type Step 2. Program Design.9. Press the down arrow key and type Step 3. Program Code.

10. Press the down arrow key and type Step 4. Program Test.

11. Press the down arrow key and type Step 5. Program Documentation.

12. Press [Enter] and type Step 6. Program Maintenance.

13. Click the Close button on the Text pane.

14. Click the graphic border, and then click the Change Colors button in the Ribbon.

15. Click the first graphic under Colorful.

16. Click the More Button in the SmartArt Styles section.

17. Point to the Polished graphic in the 3D section and click on it.

18. Click the Home tab.

19. Click the drop-down arrow of the Font Size list box and select 9.

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